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Don't forget to get outside!

For lots of us, including myself, the more the temperature drops, the less inclined we are to spend time outdoors. Going outside takes the most preparation this time of year, which makes staying cozy inside a lot more appealing. Fighting the urge to be sedentary by staying active is the best way to combat the winter blues and keep the body and mind running its best.

I’m not a big skier or snowboarder. I tend to pass up on the Vermont past time, but still find other ways to get the most out of the ice and snow that comes with winter. There are a number pursuits unique to winter that can apply to just about everyone. Some of them more recreational and others necessary. Nevertheless, the extra effort it takes to go outside can help fend off that forsaken cabin fever. Break a sweat, burn a few extra calories, and check out some of these outside-the-gym activities.

Ice Skating - 408 cals/hr

Snowshoeing - 476 cals/hr

Ice Climbing - 472 cals/hr

Sledding - 408 cals/hr

Snow Shoveling - 446 cals/hr

Chopping wood - 500 cals/hr

Ice Fishing set up/take down - 370 cals/hr

Some days I have no interest in fighting the frigid cold. Here are a few things I do to have fun in a climate controlled environment:

Rock Climbing - 600 cals/hr

Swimming - 500 cals/hr

Jump Rope watching TV - 730 cals/hr

Don’t let the season dictate how your body feels and performs. Stay warm this winter through exercise (and proper layers).


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