Making a plan to meal plan!

To be successful, you need a plan. This also includes planning your meals for the week. Below is a 3-step plan to help you get started in meal planning. Map out your meals for the week. - Friday A good recommendation is setting aside 10-15 minutes on Friday to plan for the following week. Look at your calendar to see if you will have any lunch or dinner dates. You can subtract these from your meal planning. Next, think about what do you enjoy eating? Winter time, you might think of soups, chili and other crockpot foods. Check to see what's in season and use these as a base for your meals. Spend some time looking at recipes. Organize your favorites in a binder, save some to your Pin

Protecting Posture on the Road

The holiday season is here and that means that a lot of people will be hitting the road to visit friends and family. When traveling in the car for an extended period of time, there is a great chance that you'll start to feel cramped and uncomfortable. This article will tell you how to combat all of the pain and discomfort of long road trips. The first thing to pay attention to is something that can be fixed the second you step in your car. Properly adjusting your rear-view mirror when you first get into the car assures that it will be placed appropriately while you're sitting upright. After you adjust your mirror properly while you're sitting upright do not touch it for the rest of the r

Mama wants her abs back

Being pregnant for 9 months and then giving birth takes a toll on a woman's body. To get your abs back you may need to change how you exercise. Dieting without exercise will help you lose some fat, but you will also lose lean body mass - muscle. To help reshape your body you may need exercises that target the changes that occurred during pregnancy. The forces of pregnancy and the weight of the baby pulls the body in different directions which changes the alignment of your body. When you are pregnant, your body is being pulled forward - Abs, shoulders, and head. This continues even after giving birth. For example, holding your child in front of you and pushing a stroller, you lean forwa

Self-Care: What is it that you need to do for yourself in order to succeed?

Most of the time we think of what it is that we need to have in order to be ‘happy’ and not necessarily what we must actively do, in order to feel well balanced and whole. Physical vitality, mental readiness and resilience, social fulfilment, a sense of accomplishment and personal growth all majorly contribute to our overall health and wellness. We cannot purchase these qualities, instead we must cultivate them on our own and also with the help of others. Proactively approaching self-care is invaluable. I encourage you to find out more about what it is that makes you feel amazing and invest your time and energy towards being involved in those things. What is it that nourishes your physical,

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HammerFit Athletic Club is a unique and locally owned fitness concept—based on the idea that the best equipment and classes usually appeal to different people and that no one should pay for what they aren't using!


In addition to state-of-the-art Hammer Strength equipment, we are proud to offer a great personal training program and an exceptional group fitness program in our Motion Studio. All classes are led by the area's most in-demand, experienced instructors. You do not have to have a membership to attend our classes.


And, the best part...if you live locally....

      ...your first class with us is FREE!



Tel: 802.878.0444


21 Essex Way, Suite 115 
Essex Jct, Vermont 05452

Contact for any gym, personal training,  party or class related questions.

HammerFit is located in the Essex Shoppes and Cinema complex off route 15 and i-289 in Essex Center, near Hannaford’s, The Essex Resort and Spa and the Links at Lang Farm. Only 2.5 miles from the Five Corners Intersection.

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