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Fixing Your Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture is the most common postural deformity affecting between 65 and 90 percent of the general population and can lead to a host of unpleasant health problems such as arthritis, TMJ, sleep apnea and chronic fatigue.

The misalignment of our spine often turns to chronic neck and back pain due to prolonged muscle strain and possible joint and nerve damage. Before we know it our very own well being and vitality are being threatened by something that we can try and prevent with postural awareness and a few simple exercises.

Our visual sensory input (where we focus our eyes) involuntarily effects our head placement which in turn affects the position of our entire spine, pelvis and hips.

For example when the head migrates forward the thoracic spine compensates by drifting backwards, shoulders then round forward and the pelvis often reflexively tilts anteriorly in order to re-adjust our center of gravity. For every inch your head falls forward there is an extra 10 lbs of weight that your neck is bearing, yikes!

With Forward Head Posture deep neck flexors become inhibited and weak while the upper traps and levator scapulae become facilitated and tight. These patterns of inhibition and facilitation continue down through the body, strongly affecting our abdominal strength, postural core control and even the quality of our breath. Our deep cervical flexors are the one of the best and most overlooked places to become aware of in regard to our posture and to also to begin strengthening.

Combat this crippling posture in any of the following ways:

Yoga: Cobra, Locust and Child’s Pose

Corrective Exercise: Chin Tuck, Shoulder Blade Squeezes and Scapular Push Up’s with Upward Rotation

Stretches targeting the Pectoralis Major and Minor, Levator Scapulae, Sternocleidomastoid, Rectus Femoris (Quads) and Iliopsoas are also an extremely important factor involved!

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have or if you simply wish to have me take you through any of the suggested exercises or stretches.

contact me via email or come find me in the gym!

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