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HammerFit members, group fitness class-goers, HammerFit Training Lab clients and our staff share how fitness has transformed their lives. Share your story by filling out a testimonial form at HammerFit or emailing us.

Working at HammerFit has been such a rewarding experience. I work with women who empower me and men who are kind and thoughtful. I am inspired daily by watching people transform their bodies, their health and their minds. HammerFit is a motivating environment that pushes me to be my best.

Inspired...every day.

-Alicia McCurley, General Manager

I play in a men's basketball league and I notice I have more stamina and strength at the end of games.   

Improves Performance


It leaves you feeling completely rejuvenated!  You feel like every part of your body was paid attention to!

Feel Rejuvinated!


I wanted to start taking classes to add some life to my workouts.  I am a part-time college student and missed my athletic body from being a tri-sport athlete in high school.  After taking classes and coming to the gym consistently for 2 weeks, I already feel a difference not only physically but mentally as well. 

Former High School Athletes


HammerFit Senior Strength has enabled me to climb stairs easily, feel energetic and 10 years younger. 

I love the friendships, camaraderie, friendliness of all the staff and fabulous understanding instruction. 

HammerFit has meant a lot in my life and I thank the Lord Jesus for all of you.

Feel 10 years younger!


Exercise first began as a distraction.  Losing weight was a great side-effect!  Now, exercise serves as a very important part of my life and is my biggest stress reliever.  Without the gym, I would be a very different person than I am today.

Relieves Stress


If there is anything in my past that was a great decision, it was to join the gym. I went from a size 12 to a size 4  (it didn't happen overnight, but it did happen).  I have made life friends.  I sleep better and can eat pretty much what I want. I feel good, am happy and have a lot more energy. It's usually the best part of my day.  

Best Decision!


I have a lot of arthritis and stiffness.  Senior Strength has made me 100% better.  The instructor, Athena, observes us to make sure we do the exercises correctly to prevent injury.  When I had hip pain, Athena did a manipulation on my hip which relieved the pain.  Athena is a very positive instructor with lots of humor and a bundle of energy which keeps us moving.  It is just a great class!

Combatting Arthritis and Feeling Strong!


Six years ago I moved to Vermont.  My one hobby was body building.  I found HammerFit because of the great location, parking and rates.  I trained hard and then after doing a couple of shows in New Jersey and New York I had retired from the gym life...

After four years and 40lbs of fat gained, I had enough! It was time to come back to Hammer Fitness!  With welcoming smiles and an even more energetic atmosphere and crew, I am now coming out of retirement to compete again.  

I'm also completely addicted to Zumba® 'cause it's awesome.

Body Builders Love Zumba, too!


A lot has changed for me since starting Zumba® about three years ago.  I found an exercise I love, look forward to, and feel enthusiastic about it even after a couple of years doing it!  

I began yoga with Candace on Saturdays.  She is so beautiful in every way! 

I have lost about 20 lbs, kept it off, and can wear yoga pants without feeling self conscious.  I have also joined the gym and use the machines and weights.  Everyone has been so helpful and supportive here.  

All of this has helped to control depression, anxiety, and weight for me. Even though I am in my fifties, I feel and look younger.

50-years-young Zumba® Addicts


Adapting a healthy lifestyle literally saved my life. I picked up running a few years ago and was on the health kick. Things were going great and I really felt good about myself. Then, in the summer of 2013, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. It had been there quite a while, but no one was able to detect it until I had lost substantial weight. Through treatment and school, I kept up with as much exercise as I could. Now, I am a Spartan race finisher, a college graduate, and a personal trainer working towards a yoga certification. I wanted to share my success with anyone else who wants a change! My current goal is to run a road race in every US state! 


"Be strong, you never know who you're going to inspire". 

Fitness Saved her Life!

Taylor M.

I feel certain that when I get to be 80 years old and older that, if I’m not still doing Friday morning 9 a.m. Zumba® at Hammerfit with Leonora Dodge, that I will no doubt still be thinking about the fun and joy I was lucky enough to experience while getting a great workout!

I am a 50 year old Zumba® addict. I started a few years ago with Denise and Selena, then Abby G Rice & Tory Dattilio Couture came into my life, followed by Kate Barash-Engel and Leonora. I have made some great friends as a result of the Zumba® world and thank you to Hammerfit for making that possible.

I like that you guys are always so friendly when checking us in and that you provide occasional specials on the passes so that more people can take advantage of the experience.

What I love about Zumba® in particular is that we have so much fun. It can be hard to drag yourself out into the cold to go exercise, or out of the beautiful summer days or evenings to go inside and sweat. BUT when you know you are going to go spend a crazy hour with beautiful, generally crazy women, well, it’s a LOT easier! 
Thanks guys!! Keep on keeping on!!

50-years-young Zumba® Addicts


I had always been active and a team-player from the time I could walk. I did gymnastics, soccer, basketball and was a volleyball player in high school. I loved sports conditioning and liked staying fit. 

When I got into high school and started to fill out, I found it increasingly more difficult to block out the images of beautiful, skinny women in the media. I failed to recognize the difference between being skinny and being fit, and loathed my broad shoulders and muscular legs. 

My self-esteem was low. I had more than just "fat days". I had weeks where I felt huge and was physically in pain due to high school injuries and cronic back pain from my over-flexible hips (from gymnastics). Although I knew my mental and physical well-being was determined by exercise, I found it hard to find the time to "get sweaty" or go to the gym alone.

My freshman year of college I, like many others, fell into the routine of bulimia and exercise-bulimia. I finally found friends, "exercise buddies", that would go to the gym with me. I burnt way more calories than I ever fully digested and lost 30 pounds I didn't need to lose. My curves were gone, my throat hurt and my energy level was off. 

Finally, after a year of harming myself, I came clean to my doctor and started exercising and eating healthfully again. I became certified in a group fitness regimen that next fall and started writing about the importance of fitness in college and beyond.

Years later, I still find the balance hard at times, but I hope to maintain a fit lifestyle for years to come. I greatly appreciate being part of a community that values their well-being as much as I do.

The Value of a Like-Minded Community


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