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The Benefits of Bootcamp

New types of workouts and fad fitness classes are popping up all the time. Sticking with the basics is sometimes the best way to go. So what is Bootcamp? Bootcamp is intervals between cardio and weight training. It challenges every muscle with little rest between sets. By constantly moving for an hour, your body has no time to rest, therefore burning tons of calories. It's for all fitness levels because you decide how hard you are going to push yourself.

Here are a few benefits of Bootcamp:

1. Torch calories -

You are constantly moving which burns major calories. By doing high intensity intervals of strength training mixed with bursts of cardio, it gives you a total body workout.

2. Cardio and weights -

In an hour class you get your cardio fix as well as toning your muscles. Mixing it up between cardio and strength is essential for weight loss, because you need fat burning cardio paired with strength training.

3. Builds Confidence -

Getting through a challenging workout builds confidence and self esteem as you realize what you just completed.

4. There is no “I can't.” -

Bootcamp classes push your mental and physical block. There is no slacking. Your instructor is there to push you to do things you thought you can't do. With the help and encouragement of others in your class you can accomplish more than you thought you could.

5. Never a dull moment -

It's easy to get bored running for 45 minutes on a treadmill. With a Bootcamp class you are never bored because you never know what to expect. Each class is different and you are constantly moving which leaves no time for your mind to wander. Before you know it, class is finished.

If you want to burn major calories and push your limits, come and try a Bootcamp class.

Classes are at the HPC center Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 am or 6:30AM

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