Don't forget to get outside!

For lots of us, including myself, the more the temperature drops, the less inclined we are to spend time outdoors. Going outside takes the most preparation this time of year, which makes staying cozy inside a lot more appealing. Fighting the urge to be sedentary by staying active is the best way to combat the winter blues and keep the body and mind running its best. I’m not a big skier or snowboarder. I tend to pass up on the Vermont past time, but still find other ways to get the most out of the ice and snow that comes with winter. There are a number pursuits unique to winter that can apply to just about everyone. Some of them more recreational and others necessary. Nevertheless, the extra

The Benefits of Bootcamp

New types of workouts and fad fitness classes are popping up all the time. Sticking with the basics is sometimes the best way to go. So what is Bootcamp? Bootcamp is intervals between cardio and weight training. It challenges every muscle with little rest between sets. By constantly moving for an hour, your body has no time to rest, therefore burning tons of calories. It's for all fitness levels because you decide how hard you are going to push yourself. Here are a few benefits of Bootcamp: 1. Torch calories - You are constantly moving which burns major calories. By doing high intensity intervals of strength training mixed with bursts of cardio, it gives you a total body workout. 2

Are you getting enough water?

Most people would agree drinking water is necessary to life. However, research suggests around 75% of Americans are in a chronic state of dehydration. It appears most of us simply don’t drink enough water to keep our bodies functioning at their highest state. Water is crucial for respiration, circulation, and converting food to energy. If you feel sluggish, have muscle cramps or dizziness, you may not be properly hydrated. H2O is also vital to maximizing your performance during exercise. Here are some guidelines the American Council on Exercise recommends for proper hydration around your exercise sessions. 17-20 ounces of water 2-3 hours before exercise. 8 ounces of water 20-30 minutes befor

Fixing Your Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture is the most common postural deformity affecting between 65 and 90 percent of the general population and can lead to a host of unpleasant health problems such as arthritis, TMJ, sleep apnea and chronic fatigue. The misalignment of our spine often turns to chronic neck and back pain due to prolonged muscle strain and possible joint and nerve damage. Before we know it our very own well being and vitality are being threatened by something that we can try and prevent with postural awareness and a few simple exercises. Our visual sensory input (where we focus our eyes) involuntarily effects our head placement which in turn affects the position of our entire spine, pelvis and h

Progressive Balance Exercises

Balance is an essential aspect of physical fitness and activity. It's incorporated in almost every active movement that your body makes, and it is essential for you to have good balance for both high level activity and everyday life. Balance is made up of two major components that we can improve on, proprioception and neuromuscular control. Proprioception is your ability to subconsciously know how your body is positioned in a space relative to your surroundings. Neuromuscular control is the ability for your body to fire muscles in a more coordinated and effective manner. Both proprioception and neuromuscular control can be trained at the same time to improve balance. With improved balan

Cozy and Health Conscious Soups

As we transition into the bitter cold winter months we tend to search for warmth and comfort through food and drink. I have found that one of the secrets to good health is to live in harmony with nature and to eat the seasonal foods that grow in the earth. This practice can help us to establish a healthy connection to fresh and nourishing foods as well as encourage us to maintain a balanced and varied diet. Soups are one of my winter favorites, a great way to get in a high volume yet low calorie meal! They are filled to the brim with fibrous veggies and also gut healing bone broth. Try this sweet and spicy soup with sweet potato, coconut milk, and yellow curry powder.It’s creamy with a littl

Fend Off The Winter Weight With HIIT

Looking to fend off that pesky winter weight without spending countless hours on the treadmill? It’s holiday season, meaning more pumpkin pie and less ambition to be active outside. Make up for that extra scoop of mashed potatoes and give High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) a shot. The premise is to keep the heart rate elevated through quick bouts of exercise followed by short periods of rest. The result is increased metabolism, muscular endurance, and heart health. HIIT is a super efficient way to burn calories and stay conditioned in almost any environment. Here’s a quick workout that requires no equipment and minimal space. Perform each exercise for 20 seconds back to back with 10 sec

Dealing With Chronic Back Pain?

Core stability is probably one of the most underrated aspects of fitness and injury prevention. Your core muscle group is made up of your rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, and external and internal obliques. Your core provides stability for your entire body and having a weak core can have significant consequences on overall health. The core muscle group is a stabilizer for the lower back and pelvic regions. When performing lifts or any form of exercise it is important to have your core engaged as often as possible in order to prevent a loss of form that could result in injury. A weak core can lead to many different issues and one of the most common is low back pain. When the core

How To Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays

Avoiding weight gain during the holidays The holidays are an exciting time of the year. People tend to gain weight during the holidays between the parties, stress, and the baked goods. The good news is weight gain can be avoided. Here are a few tips to avoid weight gain during the holidays. Be active. Be smart when snacking. Watch your portion sizes. Practice mindful eating. Get plenty of sleep. Control your stress levels. Keep meals balanced with protein. Focus on fiber to keep yourself feeling full. Cut back on taste testing. Bring a healthy dish to share to your next party. Choose desserts wisely and savor them. Limit alcohol. Use a smaller plate. Avoid processed foods. Skip seconds. H

A Super Effective Burn with Endless Options

TABATA Tabatas are 4 minute intervals of intense metabolic conditioning and can yield impressive weight loss results. Traditional Tabatas consist of only one exercise, but rotating between multiple exercises is an awesome alternative option that helps to keep both the intensity and interest levels high. Remember no matter what it’s 20 seconds ALL OUT EFFORT followed by 10 seconds REST. You can choose any of the following approaches: One exercise performed eight times within a Tabata workout. Two different exercises performed four times each. Four different exercises performed two times each. Eight different exercises each performed once within a Tabata workout. It doesn't matter what space o

Four Ways To Monitor Your Physique

Creating that body of your dreams is not going to happen overnight. It’s a process that takes patience and attention to detail. For these reasons, it’s important to have a few methods to give you feedback on your progress along the way. Utilize these 4 strategies together to keep accountable and maximize your potential so you can see that goal physique sooner. Track Your Strength - If your lifts are going up in the gym, it may be a good indicator that you are doing the right things to improve your body composition. Write down all sets and reps while you work out so you have measurable goals every time you’re in the gym. Take Measurements - Use a tape measure to measure your waist, chest, sho

Biceps Tendonitis

Many People Have pain along the front of their shoulder and think it has to do with a rotator cuff injury, but that's not always the case. Your two upper biceps tendons run up into your shoulder area and the long head originates directly in your shoulder girdle. The other originates on your Coracoid process which is located in the area between your pectoral muscles and your front shoulder muscle. The biceps tendons can become inflamed for a number of reasons and when they do it can be quite painful and debilitating. There are many mechanisms that can cause biceps tendonitis. The most common of these is overuse. When the cells of the biceps tendons don't have enough time to properly rest

What's Up With Tight Muscles?

Muscles tighten up for several reasons. These may include periods of prolonged inactivity, during and after exercise. Managing and preventing tight muscles will help keep you exercising. During periods of prolonged inactivity, such as sitting at your desk, muscles get tight due to their restricted movement. When you sit for long periods of time, your hips are flexed which puts the hip flexors in a shortened position and your glutes in a lengthened position. Also, as you reach forward to work on your computer, your chest muscles (pectorals) are in a shortened position while your back muscles (rhomboids) are in a lengthened position. This results in muscle imbalances with the shortened m

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