Are You Struggling?

Hey, I was watching one of those weight-loss programs last night. One of those serious documentaries that follow people trying to lose weight and are MASSIVELY STRUGGLING. There were a few things that those people all have in common... They have been overweight from a very early age (so they have been conditioned from birth by their parents to eat a certain way) They've tried every single supplement, have been yo­yo dieting for years (no good), and pretty much starved themselves to try and lose weight (all unsustainable solutions) They feel defeated and they were SURE that they would never be a healthy and an ideal weight (defeatist mindset = very low chance of success) They ha

How To Overcome The Weekend

You've had such a solid week haven't you. Three - four awesome workouts, stuck to your meal plan, drank plenty of water, and even avoided the weeknight glass of wine! You go Glenn Coco (hopefully some of you understand my reference here). Now it's Friday and it's time to party! But not so fast... what about all that work you just put in? You're three double IPA's, a bottle of wine, or a few old fashioned's away from flying off the rails here! Don't let your weekend derail your progress But remember! - *smarter not harder* What do I mean by that? Well... I mean you can still enjoy your weekend AND eat and drink whatever you want. What... How is this possible? Everything in moderation. At the

Are You Prepared?

Hey! If you've been opening my emails this week, it's probably because you're getting serious about being healthy and getting fit. One of the things we often forget about when trying to make some changes in our health is our nutrition. And the biggest hurdle to good nutrition? It's not about liking kale and eating raw carrots all day... it's about being organized. Our days are so busy as it is, that it's easy to get into the habit of running off to work without preparing any food for breakfast or lunch and then munching on whatever is at the office or getting a quick bite from somewhere nearby. The convenience of fast food is always p romising to make our days easier. I can't

Your Flat Stomach

Hey, Two years ago, I was coaching a lovely client of mine. She was after what most women want - a nice flat stomach. She was suffering with her confidence because she mentioned that ALL of her friends were fairly slim, so she was very self-conscious about how her clothes fit. She dreaded going out with them because she just felt horrible. Maybe you can relate to her. Now She and I were training three-four times a week at a good intensity and she was watching very closely what she was eating. She participated in weight watchers in conjunction with her exercise routines with me. She was dedicated and doing FANTASTIC and had made all the right changes. She was an IDEAL client to work with. But

Clean Eating Doesn't Need To Be Hard Work

I'm sure you're aware of the benefits of eating healthy on your fitness goals. However, you might not know the mechanisms and specifics behind eating to fit your goals. Breakfast- With the hectic and fast paced lives that many of us lead, it's too easy to shower, throw on your clothes, grab a coffee, and be out the door on the way to our jobs and responsibilities. However, breakfast is important to maintaining a higher metabolism, maintaining lean body mass, and keeping a steady blood sugar level. Nixing the breakfast leads to a lack of energy and appetite throughout the day, impinging on reaching your full potential for your fitness goals. Green Leafy Vegetables- These are loaded with B vit

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HammerFit Athletic Club is a unique and locally owned fitness concept—based on the idea that the best equipment and classes usually appeal to different people and that no one should pay for what they aren't using!


In addition to state-of-the-art Hammer Strength equipment, we are proud to offer a great personal training program and an exceptional group fitness program in our Motion Studio. All classes are led by the area's most in-demand, experienced instructors. You do not have to have a membership to attend our classes.


And, the best part...if you live locally....

      ...your first class with us is FREE!



Tel: 802.878.0444


21 Essex Way, Suite 115 
Essex Jct, Vermont 05452

Contact for any gym, personal training,  party or class related questions.

HammerFit is located in the Essex Shoppes and Cinema complex off route 15 and i-289 in Essex Center, near Hannaford’s, The Essex Resort and Spa and the Links at Lang Farm. Only 2.5 miles from the Five Corners Intersection.

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