Resistance Training For Weight Loss

The importance of weight training for weight loss If your goal is weight loss, then strength training is a must. You can cut calories and/or spend your time doing cardio to lose weight, but these won't last nor will they give you a healthy looking and functioning body. Here are some key points to keep in mind while working towards your weight loss goal. Lift heavy weights. You won't see results lifting the same weights you've been lifting. You need to increase the weight to increase your strength and muscle mass. Increase your muscle mass and you'll increase your metabolic rate which will burn more calories. When you burn more calories than you consume you'll lose weight. Intensity. Yo

The Benefits Of Steady State Training

We all go to the gym to see results from our sweating. Does exercise have to be so hard and uncomfortable to be effective? HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts have become popular because they do work. They push you to your physical limits, but if people are constantly pushing their bodies as hard as they can every workout, they aren't allowing their bodies the time to recover. These types of workouts should be limited to 2-3 times a week. Trying to decide between HIIT and steady state exercise, here are some benefits of sub-maximal steady state training: The biggest benefit is strengthening the heart. Maintaining steady state training in the aerobic zone can help the body b

Clean Eating & Micronutrients

Consuming a diet that consists of high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt, energy-dense and micronutrient-poor foods leaves many of us overweight and undernourished. Processed foods tend to have more macronutrients than natural foods at the expense of micronutrients. So, what is the difference between these two nutrient classifications and why should you care? “Macro” indicates large and macronutrients are nutrients required in large amounts. They are the structural and energy providing caloric components of our foods that most of us are familiar with such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Each gram of fat offers 9 calories (units of energy), while each gram of carbohydrate and protein offers 4

Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is an effective method of reducing tension and increasing muscle length for either a pre-workout warm-up or post exercise active recovery. Here are several benefits of foam rolling. Foam rolling can reduce the risk of developing adhesions or knots which are created as a result of collagen binding up between layers of muscle when the muscle is held in a specific position for an extended period of time or overused during repetitive motions. The pressure from the foam roller reduces these adhesions or knots. Myofascial release can reduce tension and muscle tightness to increase joint range of motion. When adhesions or knots bind between layers of muscle they cause the muscle to r

Brain Gains

Many of us are in the gym to improve how we look and feel. We can look in the mirror and see the progress! While we’re in there burning fat and building muscle, we’re not only improving our bodies, but our minds as well! A recent study has shown the link between habitual low to moderate intensity aerobic exercise and mental cognition as well as protection against alzheimer’s disease! Here’s the science: Most of the human body is designed to be able to repair itself (to some extent). While the rest of the body is able to recover from trauma and injuries, the central nervous system that includes the brain and spinal cord can not. This is why brain and spinal cord injuries are so devastating; t

Don't Stretch Until You Read This

For years, conventional fitness wisdom told us that static stretching before an exercise bout will decrease injury risk and improve performance. As it turns out, if you want to get the most out of your lifts, reaching for your toes or going into full pretzel mode for 30 seconds to a minute is actually going to hurt your performance! Static stretching is defined as stretching a muscle to its full range of motion for greater than 30 seconds. Studies have shown that static stretching before your workout will decrease force production and stability! I know we all want to live to see the day where we’re benching 315 for reps, so maybe doing a chest opener before your three times a week bench dedi

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