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Self-Care: What is it that you need to do for yourself in order to succeed?

Most of the time we think of what it is that we need to have in order to be ‘happy’ and not necessarily what we must actively do, in order to feel well balanced and whole.

Physical vitality, mental readiness and resilience, social fulfilment, a sense of accomplishment and personal growth all majorly contribute to our overall health and wellness. We cannot purchase these qualities, instead we must cultivate them on our own and also with the help of others.

Proactively approaching self-care is invaluable. I encourage you to find out more about what it is that makes you feel amazing and invest your time and energy towards being involved in those things.

What is it that nourishes your physical, mental and emotional/spiritual health?

Clean eating, staying hydrated, exercising and moving your body, meditation, a spiritual or religious practice or belief, the act of giving back etc.

What can you do to create a sense of calm, rest and relaxation for yourself?

Experiencing pleasure and avoiding pain is one of our basic needs, find the pleasure you need through quality sleep, bodywork, therapeutic exercise or whatever else comforts you!

Self-Expression might be one of the most important ways for us to connect, navigate and grow with each other. Creatively exploring the different parts of ourselves helps us understand and communicate our individuality and share our unique world view. What is it that peaks your creative interest?

Investigate a wide variety of options to find what feels the most authentic to you. Self-expression can take place through communication, body language, style and appearance, artwork and dance, sport and many other hobbies as well.

Companionship is not a luxury, it is a core human need. Our need for a sense of love, belonging and affection is an extremely influential force that shapes various aspects of our lives. Bonding with our friends, romantic partners, families, animals, and communities allows us to express our ideas and emotions and in return supplies our need for feedback, validation, affection and empathy.

Who lifts you up, makes you smile and laugh, takes the time to truly listen to you, shows you unconditional support and demonstrates their gratitude, care and affection for you? Make time for these people (or beings, woof woof) in your life and give the utmost consideration for their well being in return.

Make a list of a few ideas in each self-care category and begin to view making them happen as a priority. Take this a step further and begin to plug phone calls with friends, food prep, workouts, journaling or one on one time with your loved ones into your schedule, make it happen and feel more balanced happy and whole!

* for more on life balance, health and wellness feel free to contact me,

~ Aliza

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