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Clean Eating Doesn't Need To Be Hard Work

I'm sure you're aware of the benefits of eating healthy on your fitness goals. However, you might not know the mechanisms and specifics behind eating to fit your goals.

Breakfast- With the hectic and fast paced lives that many of us lead, it's too easy to shower, throw on your clothes, grab a coffee, and be out the door on the way to our jobs and responsibilities. However, breakfast is important to maintaining a higher metabolism, maintaining lean body mass, and keeping a steady blood sugar level. Nixing the breakfast leads to a lack of energy and appetite throughout the day, impinging on reaching your full potential for your fitness goals.

Green Leafy Vegetables- These are loaded with B vitamins, which can help with energy, metabolism, and even mood! B vitamins also function in DNA replication and protein synthesis, so the old adage that Popeye preached of eating your spinach to grow bigger is true! They also contain vitamin K, which aids in calcium absorption, helping maintain strong and healthy bones. On top of vitamin K, these vegetables are a good non dairy source of calcium for vegetarians and vegans! A good rule of thumb is to eat at least three full plate fulls of green leafy vegetables a day to make sure you're getting enough of these crucial vitamins and minerals.

Protein- While many bodybuilders will tell you that to build muscle, you need to down as much protein as possible everyday, protein will actually aid moreso in your weight loss goals! See protein has a high thermic effect, meaning that your body needs to burn more calories in order to digest it. Protein also has a high satiety value, or put more simply it'll make you feel fuller longer!

If you think that some nutritional education on top of your training program might help you reach your goals quicker, then you're 100% correct!

Hope to see you in the gym!

-Shaun Morris ACE, CPT

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