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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

Quick Tip Tuesday! Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Turn your aspirations into accomplishments by finding an accountability partner! Research has shown that those who write their goals down, share them with others and continually update a buddy are over 30 % more likely to meet their goals than those who go at it alone.

Working with an accountability partner can mean finding motivation or inspiration on a day when you are ‘just not feeling it’ and can ensure that you are getting the positive feedback that you deserve and absolutely need to hear after you conquer a workout, lose those 5 pounds or get your first pull up!

Simply start with sharing your goals, checking-in with each other via texts or even sending pics of you in the gym or of your healthy eats and getting together once a week to catch up in person (maybe after a group fitness class over a smoothie)!

Most importantly remember to be 100 % honest and supportive and to have fun celebrating and sharing your success!

Have a fabulous day! - Aliza Beliveau, NASM CPT

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