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How To Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays

Avoiding weight gain during the holidays

The holidays are an exciting time of the year. People tend to gain weight during the holidays between the parties, stress, and the baked goods. The good news is weight gain can be avoided. Here are a few tips to avoid weight gain during the holidays.

  1. Be active.

  2. Be smart when snacking.

  3. Watch your portion sizes.

  4. Practice mindful eating.

  5. Get plenty of sleep.

  6. Control your stress levels.

  7. Keep meals balanced with protein.

  8. Focus on fiber to keep yourself feeling full.

  9. Cut back on taste testing.

  10. Bring a healthy dish to share to your next party.

  11. Choose desserts wisely and savor them.

  12. Limit alcohol.

  13. Use a smaller plate.

  14. Avoid processed foods.

  15. Skip seconds.

Here is a dessert to bring to your next party. Enjoy!

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