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Warm Up to Lift Heavier, Safer

Prevent injury and get stronger more effectively.

Most of us know that warming up before a workout is generally a good idea - perhaps a quick walk on the treadmill and some preliminary stretching. It gets our bodies loosened up and primed for more strenuous exercise. However, a more methodical approach to warming up becomes increasingly important as the weights get heavier, especially with our primary compound lifts. If your goals involve progressively getting stronger and preventing injury, a proper warm up protocol is crucial.

You can see in the video how I warm up for bench press to prepare myself for my first work set. The key takeaway is to start light and progressively increase the weight and decrease the reps (without tiring yourself out of course). Take your time, focus on form, and find your groove.

Try this warm up protocol for your heavy compound lifts (bench, squat, pull ups, etc):

Barbell/10 reps

50% work weight/5 reps

70% work weight/4 reps

80% work weight/3 reps

90% work weight/2 reps

95% work weight/1 rep

2 min rest / Get your game face on

Begin first work set

Why warming up is important for strength and injury prevention:

-Improves flexibility and range of motion

-Loosens up joints and increases blood flow

-Lets body acclimate to the increased load

-Primes mind-muscle connection to improve lift efficenciency

Take some extra time to warm up - you’ll be in the gym lifting heavier, safer.


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