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The Importance Of Rest

Rest days are critical for fitness success. Working out causes microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. Rest days allow these muscles to heal, which allows them to grow. Leaving them out can lead to overtraining, burnout, and injuries.

Rest days don't have to be lounging on the couch. You can enjoy an active, productive rest day. You can make the most of your rest day by doing exercises that boost your heart rate and relieve your muscles, but you aren't fatiguing them. Try some low-impact exercises such as walking, swimming, bike riding or using a rowing machine. You can also choose exercises that boost your mental health such as yoga, hiking or dancing. Foam rolling is another great option. This helps your body recover faster by relaxing and reducing the soreness of your muscles.

A productive rest day provides your body with lots of benefits including faster recovery and improved mood.

Enjoy your rest day, you've earned it!


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