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Why Your Posture Matters Now More Than Ever




  1. a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.

  2. a state of physical balance.

  3. a calm state of mind.

Synonym - balance, symmetry, poise, equality, stability, composure, calm, presence, tranquility

As a fitness professional, I have come to notice that although every single person possesses an entirely unique body there are certain themes that are 'oh so typical' and seem to apply to nearly all of us.

So, what ARE these themes & WHERE did they come from ?

The 3 Most Common Culprits of Chronic Pain or Strain Related to Muscular Imbalance :

  • Neck & Shoulder Strain & Pain can be directly related to forward head posture or a forward rounded back.

  • Low Back Pain often times is related to overactive hip flexors such as the Psoas & weakened hip extensors such as the Glutes.

  • Knee Pain can very often be connected to tightness in the Quads & Hamstrings which can increase compressive forces on the kneecap and also interfere with its' tracking during movement.

Often caused by sedentary lifestyles (static posture) and by repetitive movements (dynamic posture) resulting in 'pattern overload', these areas of our bodies that are suffering from chronic pain or strain deserve our attention and care!

We all have heard how it is important be active and to stretch, but how many of us are cutting out the time in our crammed schedules to do so?

Get started right away by beginning with these simple and effective mobility movements shown in the video below !

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