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My name is Ethan Parent. I'm the director of the Independent Exercise Program at HammerFit. My goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently and effectively. Whether you want to train for a Spartan Race or are brand new to workout plans, it's my mission to help you achieve your fitness success.

The internet, TV, magazines, and your coworker all seem to have the best new fitness routine. The problem is that these workout plans are typically generic and built for the masses. They don't take into account your access to equipment or time constraints you may have. They don't take into account physical limitations or medical history either. Even the claims these programs make are often misrepresented because the workouts themselves are not structured effectively. It's easy to get swallowed by the beast that is the fitness industry.

That's why I'm passionate about creating workouts that are unique....and actually work! Fitness is a very personal journey. It's the process of getting to know your own body better. Anyone can improve their fitness, but everyone requires a different approach.

Through the Independent Exercise Program, I can help you find your path to fitness as effectively as possible. I take your goals, needs, and desires all into account to make workouts that are just for you.

Your fitness goals are closer to reality than you may think.

Let me help you get there!


Ethan Parent, ACE CPT

Independent Exercise Coordinator

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