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Why Lean Muscle Matters More Than A Strict Diet

Functional training programs can benefit anyone, regardless of if your goal is to build muscle, burn body fat, improve your endurance, or just become an overall healthier person!

One of the advantages of functional circuit training is that it both burns calories and builds muscle. Burning calories is the basic mechanism of weight and fat loss. In fact, you need to use about 500 calories a day more than you eat or eat 500 calories less than you use to lose a pound of fat a week. This is known as a CALORIC DEFICIT.

However, balancing your calories isn't the only way to burn off stubborn fat. The more effective (and more comfortable) way of losing fat isn't by endless dieting, it's by building lean muscle mass! You see, the more lean muscle you have, the higher your BMR (or basal metabolic rate) will be. In short, this means that your body will passively burn more calories as you rest!

This is the beauty of circuit training! It delivers a 1-2 punch to your body by both burning calories through minimal rest periods during the workout, keeping your heart pumping constantly and increasing your muscle mass through strength focused exercises and movement patterns, increasing your resting metabolism! This'll make it much easier to reach your goals, whether it's to lose a little extra body fat, build additional muscle, or increase your endurance!

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