HammerFit Athletic Club is an 8,500 square foot facility featuring official Hammer Strength training equipment and the one-of-a-kind Motion Studio for group fitness. HammerFit is locally owned and managed by Jessica Ebert Edelmann (Owner), and General Manager Alicia McCurley. We care deeply about our member’s wishes and goals and constantly strive to improve our gym to exceed your expectations.


All are welcome:  athletes, amateurs, seniors, students, people with health or weight problems, families

(kids above 14 with good, responsible workout attitude) 


Our spacious and clean changing rooms offer lockers and showers.


HammerFit is a place to improve your fitness and meet friends from the community. Allow our friendly staff to give you a tour of the facility and help you reach your fitness goals. We want to serve our community—neighbors: come by and get "3 for FREE" in the gym. Wait...there's more. Anyone can try a group fitness class in our Motion Studio free of charge. Come on by and get to know us. You won’t be disappointed!


Our Facilities


In our one-of-a-kind Motion Studio we offer over 30 classes per week including Zumba®, Yoga, HIIT classes, Interval Training classes, Hip-Hop, Senior classes Kickboxing, and Ballroom Dance.


We pride ourselves in finding the best instructors for each class—they are in high-demand, experienced and have great reputations in the local fitness community. 


Class-goers do not need to have a gym membership, but still find a sense of community, make friends and have a great time—all while getting a great workout. Classes have different drop-in rates and can be paid for per visit, or attendees can invest in money saving punch passes. 


When the Motion Studio is not inhabited by a class, gym members can utilize the space for conditioning, stretching, or even dancing! The Motion Studio's custom built floor has maximum shock absorption and the beautiful colors allow for wonderful relaxation.


If you live locally, your first group fitness class with us is free—and if you're already hooked on our classes, bring a friend to try their first class! You won't be disappointed!



Our Hammer Strength equipment is designed for athletes and active members of our community. Many of the machines mimic athletic/sports movements. Our machines provide you with the ability to increase strength and muscle mass without having to worry about the stabilization of a joint, allowing our machines to increase performance without aggravating joint injuries.


In conjunction with our many machines we offer a plethora of free weight options including dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, olympic bumper plates, landmines and much more. 

The NFL, U.S. Military and most professional sports associations use Hammer Strength. For example: NFL teams primarily use free weights in the off-season when their bodies are healthy and injury free. Once the season begins, and injuries begin to mount, players switch to Hammer Strength equipment.


The HammerFit Performance Center is located just down the sidewalk from our main gym space.


It includes turf wall to wall, functional training equipment, and is designed specifically for personal training, group training, team training, and group fitness classes.


Smith machine

3 squat racks


Laying leg curl

Calf machine 

Isolateral leg extension

Lat pulldown

Wide chest press

Bumper Plates 


Incline bench

Flat bench

Decline bench


High row

Front pulldown

2 reciprocating leg 

Seated leg press

Seated dip


Super incline press

Low row

Isolateral row

Hack Squat




Torso Rotation

Ab Crunch

Pectoral Fly/Rear Delt

Shoulder Press

Chest press

Incline press

Decline press 

Preacher curl

Seated bench 

2 adjustable benches

Seated bicep machine

Dip/chin machine


2 cable machines 


5 bikes

1 spin bike

6 treadmills

7 ellipticals

1 rowing machine

1 stepmill 



HammerFit Athletic Club is a unique and locally owned fitness concept—based on the idea that the best equipment and classes usually appeal to different people and that no one should pay for what they aren't using!


In addition to state-of-the-art Hammer Strength equipment, we are proud to offer a great personal training program and an exceptional group fitness program in our Motion Studio. All classes are led by the area's most in-demand, experienced instructors. You do not have to have a membership to attend our classes.




Tel: 802.878.0444


21 Essex Way, Suite 115 
Essex Jct, Vermont 05452

Contact alicia@hammerfit.com for any gym, personal training,  party or class related questions.

HammerFit is located in the Essex Shoppes and Cinema complex (The Essex Experience) off route 15 and i-289 in Essex Center, near Hannaford’s, The Essex Resort and Spa and the Links at Lang Farm. Only 2.5 miles from the Five Corners Intersection.

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