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Personal Training 

Exercise and Rehabilitative Services 

Our Mission

Our own experiences with injuries, surgeries, muscle gain and loss, dieting and exercise have shown that each situation is challenging in it’s own way, whether it be physical, or psychological. It is easy to feel stuck, to believe that you’ll never be bigger, stronger, faster, lighter, leaner, or pain free. We understand how that can mentally impact a person. We pride ourselves on being able to aid any individual in attaining their health and fitness goals regardless of what they are. 

Help us create a new wave in the world of healthcare and let us help you live a life you can enjoy.


Personal Training

Personal Training is a one-on-one or small group session, fit to your schedule, designed to help improve your overall fitness. Our personal trainers are trusted and highly certified experts who are dedicated to assisting you to achieve your goals of increased fitness and better health. Personal trainers incorporate exercise assessments, goal setting, education, nutritional guidance, accountability, motivation and safety. Personal trainers instruct you on proper exercise techniques, incorporate new exercises for your goals and motivate in a fun and safe environment.

HammerFit personal trainers are nationally certified and follow guidelines set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the American Council of Exercise (ACE). These well recognized organizations demand trainers apply their knowledge to promote healthier lifestyles, educate individuals and enhance physical performance throughout the country and world.


For more information, please contact our Fitness Director Ren Collier:

Ren has spent the last 13 years both educating himself and working in the field of health and fitness. Until he found the weight room, he struggled with his body image during his high school days. Frequently being one of the smaller kids in class, his self image and confidence were often low. This changed when he found a passion for the weight room after joining the high school football team. This passion lead him to decide to pursue a degree in health science in college.

After receiving his bachelor's degree in health science in 2010 from Northern Vermont University in Johnson and earning his personal training certification the same year, he immediately went into the field and trained people from a variety of populations. This included youth athletes, seniors, and weight loss. He has worked with many people in both a private setting, and in small or large groups. Now he primarily focuses on helping others maintain proper physical ability to perform both recreational and daily activities without the worry of not being strong enough or fit enough to do so. He also works to help others obtain and sustain healthy weight levels.

Ren’s passion lies in helping people improve from the inside out. He takes pride in helping others become stronger both mentally and physically. He does this by focusing on multiple aspects of health including: strength development, cardiovascular fitness, habit based nutrition, and self development.


If you are serious about long term improvement in your health and quality of life, contact Ren at to set up a free consultation for either private one-on-one training or to join his group training program today!

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